So, it’s not really a boutique, it’s Clark Iron and Metal Co., they are a recycler of metal, a scrap metal and salvage yard… hold that thought- I’ll be damned, I think, as per Webster, it just might qualify as a boutique…

Definition of BOUTIQUE

1a: a small fashionable shop b: a small shop within a large department store
2: a small company that offers highly specialized services or products
So anyhow, a fave place of mine to visit and peruse. Oh the things you’ll see, brass serving trays, vintage bicycles, stray cats (we now have 2 from there), antique wrought iron fencing, farm machinery, etc…
If you have a salvage yard in your area, put on some jeans and sturdy shoes, make sure your tetanus shot is up-to-date and head on out there! There’s no telling what you’ll find and, @ least @ Clark’s, you’ll make find terrific folks!
Here are some pics of items that i have seen, some that I have purchased:Clark’s Boutique finds

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